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Our custom tattoo studio is situated in far Headingley, Leeds. We provide high quality tattooing along with one on one customer consultations. 

Since we opened our doors in 2014, we have gone from strength to strength welcoming new artists on board that help make our studio unique. We are very established within the convention scene and have a fantastic social media following between us all. We have always taken pride in our customer care and friendliness. We understand that tattoo studios can be intimidating, our aim is to make you feel happy and comfortable.

At Blind Eye, we offer an array of styles to suit almost everyone. From bright and girly, to black & grey; Traditional / Old school to etchy & watercolour. See our artists page for more!


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 Brighton Tattoo Convention

Feb 24th & 25th

Sam Whitehead, Abbie Williams

Scottish Tattoo Convention

March 24th & 25th

Sam Whitehead, Abbie Williams,

Ell Torres

Leeds Tattoo Expo

July 7th & 8th

Sam Whitehead, Abbie Williams, Ell Torres, Kenny Tea, Joshy Hislop

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